AOC Agon AG271QX 27in displays


AOC announced its new Agon brand a few months ago, to differentiate its gaming panels, but back then it was a simple rebranding of already existing displays. The AG271QX, however, is the first new Agon monitor, and it's a pretty solid mission statement of what AOC is trying to achieve.

While it comes with a wide range of features, the most important element of the monitor is its display. AOC's opted for a TN panel, which may not have the colour accuracy and viewing angle of IPS panels, it's far cheaper — and boasts a much faster 1ms response rate. Combined with a 144Hz refresh rate and GPU-agnostic Adaptive-Sync, this is a very versatile, very capable monitor gaming. And with an impressive 2560 x 1440 of screen real estate, you get to make the most of whatever game you're playing. Everything we've played on the AG271QX has looked fantastic, with bright colours and no lag or stuttering at all.

The extra features are bit of a mixed bag. Low Input Lag mode turns off monitor post-processing to speed up mouse and keyboard input, but it's not something that made much of an impact on our own gaming sessions. There are three different Game Modes that fiddle with image presets for certain game types, but, again, we couldn't see any advantage Flicker-Free Technology combines with Low Blue Light Mode

For much more impact - this is a great monitor to sit at for hours at a time, and its matte coating is another plus in this area. One thing we do like is the separate QuickSwitch controller, which you can use to change image and mode settings without fiddling about the OSD.

Finally, the AG271QX has a sturdy, easy to adjust stand.

For the asking price of $689 you're getting a lot of screen real estate, and some seriously good in-game performance - and the AG271QX is no slouch in normal desktop use, either. If you're looking for more pixels, this is a very solid upgrade option.

David Hollingworth