PINK POWER! AOC's New Agon Monitor Targets Girl Gamers

It should come as a surprise to no one, that female gamers, or "girl gamers" as they are popularly known, are a vital segment of the global gaming community. More surprising for many, though, will be recent research that reveals the number of females playing video games in Asia is growing at a faster rate than that of their male rivals. In fact, female gamers

AOC G90 Reloaded

The newly enhanced AOC G90 gaming monitors offers experienced gamers a ghost-, stutter- and tear-free gameplay experience in the tried and tested FHD (1920 x 1080) format they have come to trust, plus competitive features that include a VA panel, a fast refresh rate of 144Hz, plus a 1.0ms (MPRT) smart response time. An eye-catching immersive three-sided frameless design

Launching the AOC Masters Tournament for VALORANT - join the action

Singapore, September 2020: AOC, a world leader in gaming monitors*, is launching the ‘AOC Masters Tournament’, an exciting new esports tournament aimed at Asia’s fast-growing gaming community and fanbase. The new AOC Masters Tournament will see VALORANT teams drawn from across Asia, with entrants from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand, pitting their skills against each other to gain access to the grand final, set for December 2020.

AOC and Team RNG Form Strategic Partnership for Global e-Sports

AOC has officially signed up renowned professional gaming team RNG (Royal Never Give Up) to strengthen its global position in e-sports, the exciting gaming industry that is experiencing fast growth both in terms of participation and viewing consumption.

G2 Latest News March-April 2020

During this April and March, G2 CS Team accomplished the 2nd Place Grand Final IEM Season XIV World Championship. With a 15-3 record, G2 also gained 1st place in LEC Spring Season.

AOC × AEL (Supanova Comic Con & Gaming)

AOC was one of the sponsors of the amazing Supanova Melbourne 2020, in March, along with the Australian Esports League (AEL). AOC monitors were everywhere at this major esports event, providing the high-reliability, ultra-high-performance displays required by the ferociously competitive gameplay that makes Supanova one of the great gaming venues for the gaming...

AOC World's No.1 Gaming Monitor

It’s official! Global market intelligence specialist IDC recently certificated AOC-branded monitors in first place for both >100Hz and >144Hz refresh rate categories. AOC has developed a healthy mix of gaming products for all tier e-sports competition and entertainment for many years. AOC also has supported the professional gaming scene via e-sports sponsorships, grassroots...


Click to see G2 esports news and videos. February 2020.

G2 Latest News January 2020

So far LEC Spring Split 2020 is very successful for the G2 LOL squad. With 3-0 record the team is leading in the ranking, 15 more games to come. In other news the G2 CS:GO team locked in their slot for lEM Katowice with a strong pertormance in the European Qualifier.

AOC as Sole Monitor Sponsor Kicking off the NVIDIA GeForce Cup Pacific

AOC, one of the world’s leading monitor brands, is sponsoring one of the region’s most anticipated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, the NVIDIA GeForce Cup Pacific.

G2 Latest News

Counter Strike: Global Offensive • Berlin Major Challengers Stage with track reckord 3-1, qualified to Legends Stage • Berlin Major Legends Stage with record 2-3, finished event at places 9-11th- Spring 2020 CS:GO Major New Challenger Status • to participate in ESL One New York (26-29th September)

AOC’s Classic G-Sync Series

The AOC’s Classic G-Sync Series is definitely a must-have monitor for gaming gurus. With Anti-tearing technology, gamers can enjoy a smooth gaming experience and achieve peak performance even with the strongest competitors. With G-Sync Series, AOC ensures a lag-free experience for all gamer’s skills to truly shine and be truly tested.

AOC’s Brand New QHD Series

AOC has always been committed to delivering high quality visual experience. Ultimately, Quad HD represents the ideal compromise – detailed pictures that are refreshing to the eye and above the norm. As technology and design evolve, QHD will become an increasingly common choice for those who desire for the highest quality with affordable price.

G2 Esports reached the 2nd place in the ESL Pro League finals in France / Montpellier.

As G2 was competing on French home soil, the booth was extremely popular with super long queues for the activities that have been reminiscent of IEM Katowice. G2 was the only team with an on-site booth and had a prime location right at the entrance, next to the ESL shop.

Battle of the Visionaries: AOC Pan-Asian Internet Café eSports Tournament

As an innovative brand with active participation in the eSports community, AOC is proud to announce that it will be organizing a Pan-Asian Internet Café eSports tournament, featuring leading internet cafés in Asia. The tournament will be held across a range of regions and features PUBG, one of the most well-known and popular multiplayer battle royale games on the market.

AOC’s “fastest series” brings you a real-life visual experience Enjoy the perfection of smooth motion

Featuring a minimum of 144Hz or above refresh rates and less than 1ms response times, combined with anti-tearing functionality with the latest AMD FreeSync2 compatibility, AOC’s the “Fastest Series” ensure users at all levels of gaming can enjoy a first-class gaming experience focusing on performance and ultimate speed.

G2's Latest Drop

G2 was able to close out the first quarter with strong results. The League of Legends team qualified as a finalist for the LEC Finals in Rotterdam with a record of 13 wins and 5 losses during the LEC regular season. The CS:GO team saw a roster update with the new addition of François 'AmaNEk' Delaunay after securing 3rd place at WESG in Chongqing.

AOC Gaming, Agon and The All-New 'G-Sync Compatible' Monitor Standard

AOC, a global-leader in display technology, has always remained committed to delivering world-class gaming experiences through its AOC Gaming and Agon products and initiatives.

AOC が e スポーツへの取り組みを強化、 G2 Esports と提携

シンガポール、2018 年 1 月 9 日 – ディスプレイのスペシャリストである AOC は、今日、世界で最もパワフルで成功を収めている e スポーツ組織の 1 つである G2 Esports と提携して、グローバル e スポーツスポンサーシップを正式に発表しました。



カウンターストライク:グローバルオフェンシブ対決! AGONはWCA2016年シーズン決勝戦を応援しています。

WCA(ワールド・サイバー・アリーナ)の2016年シーズン1次予選決勝戦のハードな3日間が、本格的に幕を開けました。 トップの中国チームだけではなく、他のアジア太平洋地域同士の壮大な対決となりました。

AGONシリーズのラインナップが明らかに! 武器を選択してください。

最後の時が来ました! 全部で9種類の中からお選びいただけます。 ハイパフォーマンスの基準を保証する為に、いくつかの重要な特徴を共有しています。


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