AOC Formally Announce Sponsorship of AVANT GARDE for 2017


Sydney, 21 Dec 2016

Monitors have always been key equipment for every computer gamer. A good monitor with a high refresh rate and resolution can indeed decide the outcome at the most impactful moment. We’re proud to provide the professional players of eSports team AVANT GARDE with high quality AGON gaming monitors.

AOC AGON Gaming Series displays are built to meet the needs of all computer gamers. The latest tech ensures high refresh rates and low response times. AGON Gaming Monitors have already proven popular in professional gaming tournaments to maximize the prospect of victory.

The AVANT GARDE Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team had the opportunity to use AOC AGON monitors back in August 2016 when they were preparing for the OEM LAN Finals competitions. Start AWPer of the team Zedzke had this to say about them: “A lot of players don’t appreciate how important a really good monitor is to help them succeed in the game. A monitor can be the difference between winning a round and going home – that goes double when you’re an AWPer. AOC monitors make the difference and when playing on them I could really feel the difference. I’m looking forward to using them again in 2017!”

AOC is proud to announce our ongoing sponsorship of AVANT GARDE for 2017. We’re pleased to have found a long-lasting eSports partner with powerful strength. We’re looking forward to cooperating in further tournaments and leagues.



AVANT GARDE (est. 2012) is one of the leading eSports organisations in Australia and New Zealand. AVANT GARDE has over 20 players from Australia & NZ competing in 5 different titles on both PC & XBOX. With its foundations firmly cemented, AVANT GARDE have set strategic goals that support substantial growth, as the global eSports industry sits on the cusp of significant expansion.