Review from PC Powerplay: AOC Agon AG271QX 27in display


"The display itself is a 1ms 2560 x 1440 TN panel, and there’s a mess of AOC bells and whistles built-in. AOC Low Input Lag mode disables post-processing on the monitor in favour of input peripherals such as your mouse and keyboard; in practice, though, you’re losing image quality for little real impact on gaming, so it’s pretty much a moot point.

AOC Shadow Control is a little more useful, as it lets you adjust contrast in overly bright or dark game areas. It could be argued that this could be used for evil, lighting areas that are meant to be dark, for instance, but it’s handy when you’ve not been bothered to play with proper gamma settings. AOC Flicker-Free Technology combines with Low Blue Light mode to reduce eyestrain, and certainly – whether gaming or anything else – the AG271QX is a pleasure to use for long periods. Finally, there’s a range of Game Mode presets that… well, again, they fiddle with the image to enhance certain game types, but we found any advantages they offered to be more than offset by the, in our opinion, drop in image quality.

But one feature we can back is the QuickSwitch controller, a separate box that makes switching between monitor options and settings a breeze – far easier than trying to use the always-limited controls built into the monitor itself. From this you can also jump directly between the aforementioned Game Mode settings, if that’s your thing.

Ergonomically speaking the AG271QX is easy to setup and comfortable to use. Broad feet sit firmly on your desktop, and adjusting height and angle takes a minimum of pressure.

But the real test of the AG271QX is in its display performance, and here it excels. Adaptive-Sync may not be quite as smooth as Nvidia’s hardware-powered G-Sync, but it’s cheaper and still very, very good. Once you play a favourite game without its frame-rate being limited to archaic monitor refresh rates, without tearing, you will literally never go back. Colour reproduction is solid – though not IPS level – and documents and the desktop look crisp. Viewing angles are what you’d expect from a TN panel, but for gaming that’s really not that much of a problem – you will always be sitting directly in front. And the matte display makes gaming even in a brightly lit room a pleasure. The 1ms response time makes for great twitchy gaming.

Combined with the lack of eyestrain, and easy to use features, this is a great monitor for long term gaming sessions. And Adaptive-Sync won’t tie you down to either AMD or Nvidia. Definitely a solid option for the budget conscious that still want that tasty 2560 x 1440 resolution, or the hardware fence sitters.”

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