AGON: AGON display lineup revealed! Choose your weapon.


It’s finally time! You have nine monitors to choose from. While different, all of them share several important features to guarantee a standard baseline of high performance. Let’s get right to it.





QHD or Curved?
The first question you want to ask is which is more important for you: the extra level of detail provided by Quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) on a flat screen, or the more immersive experience provided by curved displays (which may come at a variety of resolutions)?

Screen Size?
The second question: what screen size is most suitable for your gaming style?
Do you prefer "full immersion" when you game, like playing on a 34" curved display with sound-blocking headphones? Or something more compact at 23.8"? Of course, there are many options in between as well.

What are the "main AGON features"?
The main AGON features are found in all AGON displays.
They include high refresh rates to reduce lag (all nine have 144Hz refresh rates, as preferred by pros), eye protection with AOC Flicker Free, and other optimization tools like AOC Shadow Control and AOC Game Modes for quick lighting and contrast adjustment. 
These come with all the AGON displays because the benefits they provide (e.g. removing motion blur, removing lag, reducing eye strain) are absolutely crucial for a healthy, competitive gaming experience.    

Where to go next?
For details on the specs and features, be sure to check our product pages. We'll be arranging several activities and promotions throughout the year. Don't miss out and follow us on Facebook: AOC Club and AGON-site.