AGON: Awesomeness Now.

Welcome to AGON’s official website.A place to stay connected to everything about AOC’s new gaming monitor lineup and gaming lifestyle brand, launched in spring 2016.

AGON displays are designed with the competitive gamer’s vision at heart. First-class specs and sleek, but most importantly practical designs. We want our displays to bring beginner and professional gamers alike closer to their winning aspirations, whether that’s simply climbing higher on ranked ladder or becoming a world champion.

But AGON isn’t only about powerful monitors. We want to capture the best aspects of the competitive gaming lifestyle. Like enjoying new experiences supported by awesome technology, taking on new challenges, and having a good time. That’s why we won’t only be sharing product information. This website will be among the first to share news updates and content related to our partners in the eSports world, such as legendary Eastern European eSports club Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) and several other up-and-coming teams.

We’ve also sponsored a few European ESL tournaments, as well as been the main organizer of two Southeast Asian AOC Masters Championship (AMC) Dota 2 tournaments. There will definitely be more. So stay tuned!

The Hi-Rez Oceania Championships 2016 Presented by AOC were hosted at ESL Studios in Sydney on November 26th & 27th.