As one of the first monitors with "G-Sync Compatible" certification, the 23.8" TN Panel AG241QX monitor allows gamers to fully enjoy seamless, lag-free gaming with the pro gaming-standard 144Hz refresh rate and rapid 1ms response time. With Adaptive-Sync, take control of the battlefield in crystal-clear Quad HD (2560 x 1440) resolution, which also includes convenience-focused AGON features to optimize gameplay.

With 2560 x 1440 resolution, Quad HD (QHD) offers superior picture quality and sharp imagery that reveals the finest details. The widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio provides plenty of space to spread out and work, plus allows you to enjoy games or movies in their original size.

Adaptive-Sync technology synchronizes the GPU and the monitor so frames are displayed when ready - no tearing or stuttering.

  • High performance solution with all the benefits of variable refresh rate technology.
  • Based on industry standards, not expensive proprietary solutions.
  • Cheaper and easier to implement: no additional monitor hardware, no license fees.
  • Cheaper for consumers.
  • Support multiple use cases: Gaming, Video, Power Saving.

NVIDIA ULMB is a technology that eliminates almost all motion blur associated with LCD displays.
Visibly sharper moving images can be a big advantage in gaming.

Conventional 60Hz monitors can show distracting motion blur when displaying games with rapid movement.

Ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms screen response time combine to enable sharper action.

Even in less movement-intensive games like Dota2, 144Hz displays shorten the perceived delay between when you physically move the mouse and how your cursor (or crosshair) moves on-screen. A mouse cursor’s movement is not rendered as one with a graphics card’s frame-by-frame graphics output. The graphics card needs to synchronize real-time mouse movement with the image it is outputting onto the screen from game data. With 144Hz monitors, on-screen images are refreshed 144 times per second which results in sharp, fluid movements. The added benefit is that the mouse cursor’s position is updated 144 times per second as well. Compared to a 60Hz display, the result is significantly improved mouse movement fluidity and precision.

AOC Shadow Control enables fast contrast adjustment of overly dark or bright areas through the OSD menu, while retaining quality on more balanced areas on-screen.

Low Input Lag reduces delay between signal input (via keyboard, mouse or otherwise) and image processing on the screen to ensure a smoother gaming experience.

Low Blue Light software, featured in all AGON displays, reduces harmful blue light emission (wavelengths under 455nm) found in most monitors. This ensures your eyes stay protected, especially over longer gaming sessions. Most monitors use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control brightness. The pulsing creates flicker which can cause eye strain and other discomforts. Flicker Free constantly powers the backlight with Direct Current (DC) instead. Play safely.

AOC gaming monitors are very easy to connect. The AG241QX has several external input ports, but also has dedicated USB 3.0 and device-charging ports, making it easy for you to charge your mobile device or transfer data while focused on your gaming session.

The fully adjustable stand allows convenient adjustment of the screen’s height and angle. Match the screen’s position to your chair position, height, and line of sight for a comfortable playing experience.

Specifications & Download

  • Resolution 2560 x 1440
  • Panel Size 23.8"
  • Smart Response 1ms (GtG)
  • Contrast Ratio 1000:1
  • Viewing Angle (H/V) 170°(H)/160°(V)
Model Name AG241QX
LCD Panel Type TN
Panel Size 23.8 Inch
Effective Viewing Area 526.85 mm (H) x 296.35 mm (V)
Aspect ratio 16:9
Maximum Resolution 2560 x 1440 @144Hz
Smart Response Time 1ms (GtG)
Brightness (typical) 350 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio (typical) 1000:1
Viewing Angle 170°(H)/160°(V)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio 80M:1
Display Colours 16.7 Million
Scanning Frequency D-SUB: 30~99kHz (H) / 50~76Hz (V)
DVI Dual-Link: 30~99kHz (H) / 50~76Hz (V)
MHL: 30~99kHz (H) / 23~76Hz (V)
HDMI 1.4: 30~160kHz (H) / 30~146Hz (V)
HDMI 2.0: 30~230kHz(H) / 30~146Hz (V)
DP: 30k-230KHz(H) / 30~146Hz (V)
Signal Input D-SUB / DVI Dual-Link / HDMI 2.0 / HDMI 1.4(MHL) / DP
USB 4 x USB 3.0 with one fast charging
Audio In/Out Audio Line In, Headset (earphone combined
with microphone), Microphone In, Microphone Out
Built-in Speakers 2 x 3W
Ergonomics Pivot 0°~90°, Swivel -20°~20°, Tilt 3.5°~21.5°,
Height Adjustment 130mm
Power Power Source 100- 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
On: 47W
Standby: 0.5W
Off: 0.5W
Power Supply 20V DC- 3.25A
Dimensions Product with stand 553.2 x (409.3~539.3) x 218.2 mm (WxHxD)
Packaging 636 x 235 x 422 mm (WxHxD)
Weight 6.52 kg wo/packaging; 8.36 kg w/packaging