A Counter-Strike:Global Offensiveepic showdown! AGON sponsors WCA 2016 season one finals.


The WCA (World Cyber Arena) 2016 season one qualifier finals kicked off in full swing for an intense three days of action. Top teams from China, as well the rest of the Asia-Pacific region faced off in a series of epic contests.

 The highly anticipated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) third place final between The Mongolz (from Mongolia) and Signature (from Thailand) was an explosive affair that let viewers truly experience the appeal of Counter-Strike's (CS) latest title in the series.

Winter is over. CS:GO's spring has arrived.
 From Half-Life to CSMOD, then from CS 1.6 to CS: Source. CS had a long history. The emergence CF (CrossFire) put this FPS genre veteran into a tough position. Over time, CS held onto dear life in Asia as a nostalgic memory; for those who couldn't let go of its well-earned former glory. The latest game in the series, CS:GO, was released in 2012. But at the time there was no spark to rekindle the passion for CS that gamers in the region once had.

One might say CS:GO has been through a long winter. But a new dawn is coming. Since the start of 2016, major eSports organizations in the region have established CS:GO gaming divisions. The Chinese domestic tournament circuit has grown considerably. Fast forward to today, and what lies in front of us looks to be one of the biggest eSports competitions of the year in China.The WCA 2016 will feature CS:GO. The Chinese CS:GOscene surprises us again.

This time, as far as Asia was concerned, the highlight of the qualifiers was the epic clash between The Mongolz (from Mongolia), versus Thailand's very own Signature. These teams bring the full support of their territorieswith them to the battlefield.

CS:GO has a high skill threshold? AGON will bring gamers past it!
 CS:GO is different from many other FPS games on the market. It is known for having a reasonably high skill threshold. Shooting is inaccurate if the player is moving, and recoil control is difficult to manage (and not without some random elements). From a technical point of view, raw skill differences play a big part in deciding the outcome.

Of course, these challenges don't only affect the players. It makes differences in software and hardware even more important. A strong performing monitor makes all the difference for players wanting to rise above the competition and claim victory.

As WCA 2016's official designated monitor partner, AGON was proud to be an empowering force in the clash of the titans between The Mongolz and Signature. The displays feature a top-notch 144Hz and 1ms response time combination to provide gamers with an unparalleled smooth gaming experience. FreeSyncand/or G-SYNC technology synchronized the display to the GPU, while also eliminate blurring, screen tearing, delay, and other issues. This allows players to seize the moment, rise to the occasion and take initiative. These kinds of details put The Mongolz and Signature into optimal playing condition. Players can focus on playing at peak performance to their heart's content. Yes, CS:GO has a high skill threshold.But AGON's AG1 display series will help you get past it.