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4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution provides four times more pixels than the current mainstream standard Full HD at similar screen sizes, resulting in noticeably higher pixel density.
This means crisp, clear visuals presented in astonishing detail. Nothing will escape your eye.


Ultra-smooth visuals. Perfect movement. Most monitors operate at a 60Hz refresh rate. Pro gamers competing for glory and up to millions in prize money across multiple genres (FPS, racing, MOBA and more) use 144Hz to ensure peak performance. A 240Hz refresh rate is even higher than that. It is for the most attentive of eyes only – it represents the highest standard for the perfection-driven connoisseur.

The 240Hz refresh rate offers super smooth movement and perfectly precise mouse accuracy. Screen tearing is essentially eliminated. The on-screen image (and your mouse position) is updated at an astoundingly fast 240 times per second. 240Hz screens are to be enjoyed at the very highest level of gameplay.

Recommended for casual players Recommended for professional players

The benefit of a 144Hz refresh rate over 60Hz is smoother movement and better mouse accuracy. There is vastly reduced tearing. New frames are displayed faster, and the on-screen image (as well as your mouse position) is being updated 144 times per second instead of 60. The moving position of everything you see on screen will be noticeably more precise.

AGON displays carry an anti-tearing chip. The chip synchronizes the monitor’s stable framerate to the more variable GPU. By removing any discrepancy between the two, screen tearing is eliminated. This also minimizes display stutter and input lag.

How does anti-tearing work?

Monitor refresh rate is usually a fixed value. However, this isn’t always the case when playing games. With constantly changing game scenes and picture elements, the rate that the GPU outputs frames may vary and create discrepancies with the display’s refresh rate. This results in screen tearing.

Shadow Control
Shadow Control

Shadow Control enables fast contrast adjustment of overly dark or bright areas, while retaining quality on more balanced areas on-screen. Increase contrast for better dark area definition. No more enemies hidden in the shadows.